About Us

Hollmeyer HVAC is a full service industry provider with over 25 years of experience in every aspect of the HVAC industry–from installation to service, maintenance and seasonal management. During this time, we have developed a niche for properly maintaining each specific component of our customers' systems to increase longevity, peak performance and efficiency. This is done by tailoring our maintenance tasks to focus on the items that prevent failure. As a result, we can diagnose issues early and preplan repairs before a catastrophic and expensive failure. We also work with our customers to develop a cost effective plan if necessary. 

We strive for the highest level of customer service and satisfaction and approach every project with a goal to earn and retain your trust and building a lasting partnership. 

List of Services

  • Commercial buildings from single to 20+ stories

  • Built up mechanical, ventilation and hydronic loop systems including hydronic heat pumps

  • VAV, VVT or dual-duct systems

  • Boilers and chillers

  • Plant/building automated controls systems and energy management

  • Server room applications

  • Rooftop equipment from small gas packs to boxcar units

  • Residential heating/cooling

  • Direct fired make up air systems

  • Variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF/VRV)